CICRA Family Day filming

Crohn’s in Childhood Research Association (CICRA) – The specialist charity for children and young adults with Crohn’s, Colitis and IBD, invited us to film one of their Family Days in Newcastle. Our crew headed north to make a series of films featuring young people, families, professionals and charity representatives discussing treatments, research and advice on living with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

CICRA has been supporting families and funding ground-breaking research since 1978. Their mission is to lead research into better treatments, to support children and families with relevant information and advice, to work with health professionals to improve care, and to give children a voice to increase public understanding of Crohn’s and colitis. We met with a number of young people and families, some of who were newly diagnosed, looking to find information and make connections. This included mum’s Tasha and Nicolle, whose children have been recently diagnosed. Both Tasha and Nicolle were looking for information on nutrition and treatments, and found this day provided them valuable information they could discuss with their GP. As well as newly diagnosed families, we also interviewed people like Hamish, who have had the condition for some time. Hamish was there to offer support, and advice to others by talking openly and honestly about his IBD journey.

Our crews captured every element of the day, from the fun activities, informal talks and socializing to the inspirational presentations from young people talking about living with their condition. For families the opportunity to meet and chat to other families in a similar situation provided them with a unique chance to share experiences with people who understand. There were also talks and Q&A panels with specialists who treat children with IBD. These included Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologists, Psychologists, IBD Nurse Specialists, Dieticians and Surgeons. We conducted a number of interviews with these professionals discussing treatment, medication and surgery, the importance of diet and nutrition in IBD, and focusing on psychological issues when living and coping with a diagnosis. These films will feature on the CICRA website and provided much needed information and reassurance to families and young people with Crohn’s, colitis and IBD.

The Family Day was educational and inspirational and the key message from the charity was clear – you are not alone. When dealing with a new diagnosis, or struggling with the realities of an ongoing condition, knowing you are not alone can make an enormous difference. CICRA’s family information day provided a significant amount of information and reassurance to families dealing with IBD.

To find out more about the information day watch the film below.