Film production during COVID-19

2020 so far has seen the world living, working and communicating in ways we have never had to before.  The COVID-19 lockdown means for many people strict social distancing and isolated working, and for the production sector this has presented us with a number of challenges when producing film content.

Red Goat Productions have been helping our clients during this time, recognising the importance of charities and organisations to be able to effectively communicate key messages and information to the public.

With restrictions on person to person contact we have been helping clients film their own content through remote camera technology, helping direct and plan effective filming that they can conduct from their own environments.  This then gets edited by our team, using our own library footage, music, bespoke graphics and stylish effects to create eye-catching and informative content for use online and on social media.

If ‘home-style’ filming is not suitable then bespoke animation might be the answer and we have been producing information, how-to and social awareness films using motion graphics.  With our creatives, editors and animators able to produce work remotely,  and with our wide range of voiceover artists able to record from their own studios, we can make striking and contemporary films without the need for any social interaction.

What about feedback and client contribution? Well, online video conferencing makes the production process super efficient and clients can feedback instantly through production and we can monitor any remote filming.  Production during these times is being made possible through online communication and software that is helping with effective communication and keeping all involved isolated at this time.

For many audiences, statements and advice broadcast via film during lockdown is a source of comfort and security. Film-making is one of the most powerful methods of communication  that can engage, inspire and educate people when they need support the most.

Email if you would like to find out more about what we can do for you at this time