26 February


Motion Graphics

Sometimes the most engaging and informative way to capture audiences is to create bespoke motion graphics. Complex messages can be easily conveyed through short, snappy text or animated characters to promote organisations work, inform and educate audiences and to attract new supporters.

We will work alongside you to create motion graphics that are produced on brand with a narrative that clearly conveys key messages and your tone of voice. Eye-catching motion graphics and animation can make a memorable impression on viewers and be a cost-effective way to capture new and current audiences. From storyboarding the initial creative to making those final touches, we will ensure that your films style, themes and visuals deliver.

Character animation

Character animation can be a fun or even emotive style of filmmaking that enables you to have a lead narrator(s) or a leading character(s) who can be the ‘face’ of your film or campaign. This can be a person we have invented, or it can be based on the characteristics of someone you would like represented. Characters will be designed in a style that complements your branding and we work alongside you to create characters that reflects your organization and people affiliated with it. Character animation is an effective way to have a diverse representation and tackle complex or difficult themes and subjects without using real people on screen and this can be particularly effective in the charity and health sector.



“You’re doing great things and highlighting so many wonderful charities through your work.”


Infographics are a great way to visually convey key information and statistics by using striking, engaging visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly. They grab our attention and don’t let go. Graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge such as pie charts, icons and bar graphs, can give an easy-to-understand overview of a topic. These are animated and presented in a stylish and memorable way and is effective in productions that need to communicate several messages or pieces information in a short timeframe.

Animated typography

Animated typography is moving text, for example, text that moves, expands, or morphs into something else. Animated letters are more visually engaging than static text and we can use specific font styles, appearance, and structure to elicit certain emotions and emphasize specific key messages throughout your film. This type of animation can be used in productions on its own or it can be incorporated alongside other motion graphic styles for an effective and eye-catching film that can be used across multiple platforms.




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