26 February


We often get asked by clients to deliver a set of stills to complement a video campaign. Stills images can be utilised effectively on social media and in printed publications.

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Location Photography

This style of shoot is great for generic shots with case studies or other contributors in an environment which best reflects their life and the story they are telling. These images might be used alongside printed publications and biographies but might also be valuable as thumbnails for online video content.

Studio Photography

To create a more formal, staged body of work which might be used by clients for corporate marketing and publications. This environment is also great for capturing stills images of multiple people in one setting where continuity is important. This is also particularly useful where branding is key.

Patient Testimonials

More and more of our clients are asking for patient imagery to complement video testimonials. These can be done both on location or in a studio depending on client requirements and logistics. In some circumstances, clients request testimonials filming and stills to be done as part of the same shoot which is something we are very happy to do. Our teams work closely with one another on-set to ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Conference photography

Our stills photographer will capture key elements at an in-person conference, from on-stage presentations, workshops, demonstrations, interviews, branding and general ambient shots. These images can be used across social media during the event itself for promotion, and post-event for highlights and to publicise future events.

We can also set a ‘remote studio’ within a conference setting to capture portrait shots of key note speakers, special guests and event organisers that may be useful post conference for marketing and communications.