15 March


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Promoting awareness about early diagnosis in MEN2B and talking openly about his incurable cancer is why Ethan and his family are #charitytuesday heroes. Shortlisted in the @CharityFilm_ final 2020 for @AmendInfo #TuesdayThoughts #Cancer #Filmmaking 💛🎬

Up to 80% of #DravetSyndrome families report difficulties with movement e.g. walking (gait) & coordination (ataxia). In our latest #DravetComorbidities video, Dr Brunklaus talks about options for addressing these issues, including a physiotherapy review: https://youtu.be/CP31V7BM67U

Over 7,500 of you have subscribed to our #YouTube channel with great recipe videos for the #ketogenicdiet - take a look and sign up today!
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