26 February


Editing and Post-Production

During post-production our editors and post-producers work alongside clients to create visually engaging content that captures the audience’s attention and leaves a lasting impression. Clients are involved at every stage and will receive downloadable review links for feedback. Once the final edit is produced, we will add the final touches: mixing and mastering audio and graphics.

Alternatively with our wide range of library footage, we can produce and edit films without filming bespoke footage. Our editors and post-producers can work with a brief to edit promos and campaigns from stock footage and imagery that will create visual content that engages, inspires and educates audiences.


“We are thrilled with the end result and couldn’t have imagined it any better.”

Virtual Events

The Coronavirus pandemic had a big effect on the way we all worked, however, our clients still needed video content and they needed to keep people informed. This led to a huge expansion of this service in our portfolio, and we’ve enjoyed exploring this new way of working. It has become an important and valued service to our clients.

Our team works alongside client’s pre-production to produce video content including speaker presentations and/or animations, for use at the event itself. We can then run these virtual events via an online platform in our ‘virtual studio.’ Our skilled technical team and producers will manage and run the entire event virtually, streaming it live to viewers around the world.

In addition, Red Goat can support hybrid and in-person conferences.


E-learning films and webinars are an effective and engaging way to train and educate professionals around the world, and we have a number of producers that specialise in creating E-learning global content for companies and organisations that need to reach a wide audience and bring people together to share knowledge and information. Content can include the full production of tutorials, presentations, educational films, resource films and webinars.

We also provide a pre-production service whereby our team records and edits (with branding) a presenter(s) delivering a presentation remotely. That presentation(s) can can then be used as part of a live webinar programme.

Red Goat also supports clients to host their live webinars via our virtual studio from where the webinar is streamed online, and presenters can join in for live Q&A’s with delegates. These are extremely effective and have proven valuable to support our clients with their eLearning & training objectives.


“Their efficient approach helps make my job so much easier to the point I now see them as an extension of the team.”

Voice Over and other services

We’re fortunate to have an in-house voice over as well as access to a wide range of artists, including children and local dialects. Once a production is underway, we discuss voice over requirements with clients and arrange for demos and read throughs to be provided.

Interview transcription is an additional service that we provide. Full and detailed interview transcriptions can be done in-house during post-production and sent to clients. These can support clients with case study biographies and testimonials, and for marketing and press releases.

On request we can provide subtitles and translation services.