10Years10Films Dravet Syndrome UK

We pride ourselves on our sensitive and professional approach and work closely with clients to ensure their film is engaging, informative and produced to a high standard. ‘Paige’s Story’, a film we made for Dravet Syndrome UK, is one of our finest examples of sensitive film making. Paige has Dravet Syndrome, a rare neurological condition that encompasses treatment-resistant epilepsy, intellectual disability and a spectrum of associated conditions.

Having a child with Dravet Syndrome has a big impact on the family, with many emotional and practical consequences for parents, siblings, relatives and loved ones. Paige’s mum, Samantha, allowed us to capture their life unfiltered, including day to day family life, trips to hospital, seizures at home.


This powerful film had a big impact for DSUK and was a finalist in the Charity Film Awards 2019 and Rare Disease Film Awards 2020.