Hospice Care Week

This week is Hospice Care Week and we have the privilege to work with a number of Hospices around the UK that care for both children and adults with life-limiting conditions.

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One of the first things people think before they step into a hospice is that it will be a sad, life-less place that you wouldn’t want to visit unless you had to.  However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Every hospice we have filmed in has been a light, bright, haven of warmth energy and compassion.  A place where people come together to celebrate life, to celebrate togetherness with friends and family, alongside highly skilled staff who understand that end of life care requires respect, dignity and support.

From art rooms to musical performances, afternoon tea to curry nights, hospices host a variety of events that the whole community can get involved in.  Many hospices are at the heart of a community and we have filmed fundraising events and community get-togethers that not only raise vital funds, but help families, friends and neighbours rejoice in making a difference for those close to their hearts.

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However, hospices can only thrive because of the range of hard-working dedicated staff committed to helping those who need it most.   Nurses, occupational therapists, councillors and social workers are just some of the professionals hospices rely on to help patients and families at such a difficult time.  Support with finances and emotional support can be just as crucial as medial support towards the end of someone’s life, and hospices know this and have teams on hand to advise and assist.  As well as staff, volunteers are also key to many hospice initiatives including helping with the running of in-house restaurants, assisting with home visitations and providing entertainment.  We have filmed a number of volunteers who thrive from the help they are able to give, and are able to see firsthand how their time and efforts help people live well as well as they can, for as long as they can.

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So join us this week in celebrating Hospice Care Week and highlighting the amazing work hospices do.  Whether its caring for someone in their home, treating someone as an inpatient or providing help and support, hospices, their staff and volunteers really do make an enormous difference to patients and their loved ones at one of the most difficult and heartbreaking times of a persons life.