#10Years10Films AMEND

Our ‘Final 10 years 10 films’, is the double award-winning ‘MEN2B and ME: Ethan’. This film tells the story of 13-year-old Ethan who has a rare genetic condition, MEN2B. In his own words Ethan explains how getting a late diagnosis means he now has an incurable cancer – Medullary Thyroid Cancer. This could have been avoided had he been diagnosed sooner. With the support of his family and the charity AMEND, he wants to raise awareness about his MEN2B and the importance of early diagnosis.

The Charity Film Awards were created to demonstrate that in a modern world filmmaking is the most powerful piece of equipment in the charity communication toolbox, and we are so proud that Ethan’s story has been given this recognition from both judges and the voting public. Getting to know Ethan and the amazing staff at AMEND has been inspirational to Red Goat and working with Jo and her team continues to engage, inspire and educate us, as well as audiences.