Our COVID-19 safe working practice

During this challenging time for us all, Red Goat Productions has worked closely with clients to ensure their work continues as best as it can under the current circumstances. We all recognise the importance for organisations to maintain their public profile and continue to effectively communicate key messages and information; our team has guided and supported clients to do this.

We have been producing a range of films and campaigns that utilise ‘home style filming’, library footage and animation to create bespoke content in a safe and remote environment.  However, as lockdown begins to lift we want to reassure clients that we have prepared our own COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines whereby we will adhere to the following during all location filming:

COVID-19 risk assessment: 
Prior to location filming we will carry out a risk assessment, consulting with contributors and clients about any potential risks and sharing those findings.

Minimal Crew:  As a company we have always adhered to use smaller crews, especially when filming in sensitive environments.  However, we will ensure when possible that there will be no more than 2 highly experienced crew members present on shooting days to minimise risk and reduce the number of people each person has contact with.

Strict cleaning, hand-washing and hygiene procedures:  In line with government guidelines crew will wash hands thoroughly and regularly throughout the day.  Alcohol hand gel and wipes will be used when hand-washing is not accessible.  All equipment and props will be thoroughly cleaned before and after filming.

Safer travel and location environments:  All crew will use their own cars for travel and avoid public transport and taxis where possible.  Locations and studios will be assessed to ensure we can manage the transmission risk and this will include making sure there is sufficient space, clear entrance and exits and the ability to control movements.  All crew will be equipped with essential PPE including face masks and disposable gloves.

Maintain 2m social distancing, where possible: Where possible we will adhere to 2 meters social distancing when filming and this will include all crew and contributors.  We will use floor tape to mark areas to help people keep to a 2m distance.  Contributors will need to do their own hair and make-up and all crew will stagger arrival and departure times to maintain distance.


Looking after everyones physical and mental wellbeing:  Our guidelines will help look after everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing throughout production.  We will keep contributors filming times as short as possible and provide a clear schedule of work prior to filming days.  Communication is key to ensure we can continue to film safely and effectively during this time.

If you would like to find out more about the Red Goat Productions COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines email Hello@redgoat.co.uk.  Stay safe everyone